Start Your Own Coaching Ministry

Do you have a dream to teach and train others and be financially blessed for your hard work? Has God spoken to you about starting your own coaching ministry or business?

You can begin to start your own Dream Mentors Coaching Ministry by becoming a Dream Mentors Mentor Coach Trainer. Our coach trainers have been credentialed through our 50 hour Basic Biblical Life Coaching Course DMBL 101 and/or our Advanced Transformational Life Coaching Course DMAT 201.

Upon completion of the DMBL 101 Basic Biblical Life Coaching Course each student is given the option to continue onto the DMAT 201 Advanced Course or to immediately begin their Dream Mentors Coaching Ministry.

All that we require for the graduate to become a DM Mentor Coach Trainer is to purchase their curriculum materials, have a background check, and coaching liability or educational insurance. Dream Mentors provides the background check and insurance, both at low cost fees so that you will be covered while you teach and train others our DM curriculum and you become one who CREDENTIALS OTHERS on behalf of Dream Mentors.

The greatest blessing will be when you host the classes out of your home, office, church or business and we pay you to credential others. For more information on how you can become involved please go to or click on Online University on the front page of and this will take you to our University Portal. Here you can become a FREE social member with us and begin taking the DM Mentor Coach Training Class for FREE which will teach you how to become a DM Mentor Coach Trainer and what is required of you as you move forward in your goals and dreams.

Sign up Today!!

Remember your blessed to be a blessing! God is going to equip you to bless others with your educational credentials through Dream Mentors. Sign up today to become a DM Mentor Coach Trainer.

After you view the DM Mentor Coach Trainer class , then sign up to get take the DMBL 101 Basic Biblical Life Coaching Course and we will match you with a DM Mentor Coach Trainer and you can begin getting credentialed and then move on to becoming a  DM Mentor Coach Trainer yourself and coach training others into their dreams.

Call us for more information at 904-272-2266 or email us at or simply purchase the Dream Mentors Credentialing Fee to get started with your biblical life coaching credential first and someone on our staff will get in touch with you to begin the process.

If you already are credentialed then simply purchase the Dream Mentors Mentor Coach Training Package and we will call you with your next steps to destiny training for us!