Start Your Own Satellite Training School

Thank you for your interest in being a DM Satellite Training School. We are excited that you would like to bring biblical life coaching into your school and assist in the worldwide advancement of Christian life coaching across the country. At Dream Mentors our desire is to teach and train each individual that is interested in being a light unto the world in the area of biblical life coaching. There are people everywhere that are seeking secular life coaching services in order to pursue their goals and dreams. However, for a Christian, it is better to connect with God’s desires for purpose and destiny and we need people who are trained to help others in this crucial area. At Dream Mentors we want to train equippers and leaders of the body of Christ to teach and train others so the body of Christ can care for itself in the area of life coaching.

If this is your heart cry, then we can help. To get your church or non-profit started in becoming a DM Satellite Training School we have a simple two step process:

Following completion of the trained representative, who will be credentialed in the area of biblical life coaching, we then require them or the church to purchase the materials for the course so the church is able to run the course successfully. The cost for the 15 class audio files and powerpoints are discounted to a $250 one- time fee. Your representative will also be required to have a background check and yearly educational insurance fees must be paid and they will need to be a Preferred Partner with Dream Mentors or your church will need to be a Preferred Partner so that commissions and bonuses can be received.

Now, the BEST NEWS of all…Once the representative is fully credentialed for the course then your church or non-profit is able to receive financial blessing. DM pays its Mentor Coach Trainers a fee of $140 per student for the 20 hours of their time to train. The DM Mentor Coach Trainer that represents your church is in contract with DM to give their time to the church. This means that DM pays your church $140 per each individual that takes the credentialing class. This way, one person from your church becomes the DM Mentor Coach Trainer at that church for atleast a season and gives their time to the church in training others and the church receives the blessing. The DM Mentor Coach Trainer is still allowed per DM ethics to teach and train others outside of your church for income, however not inside the church, that way there is no conflict of interest and each individual can serve the Lord within the church without being coerced by finances, and they can bless their favorite church or charity with their gift of 20 hours of teaching.

The difference between certification and credentialing is simply that certifying is done with no face-to-face or voice-to-voice contact but credentialing has these requirements. Only credentialed students can become DM Mentor Coach Trainers because they worked on the courses in a one on one or in a group setting with the Mentor Coach Trainer which facilitated their education to a higher level of learning.

If this amazing opportunity to become a DM Satellite Training School is something that your church or non-profit would like to participate in please contact us at 904-272-2266 for an informational interview with Candice Smithyman, Founder of Dream Mentors Transformational Life Coaching School, so that she can discuss with you about your church or non-profits vision for ministry and how a DM Satellite Training School can bless your church or non-profit both educationally and financially.