Training Schedule

Welcome to Dream Mentors Training Schedule

Please note the locations and times of training in your local area below. You are welcome to join us at Dream Mentors Headquarters in the Jacksonville, Florida area where we host our DMBL 101 Basic Biblical Life Coaching Course and our DMAT 201 Advanced Transformational Life Coaching Course.

If your ministry or organization desires to host our classes at your facility please contact us for further details at 904-272-2266 or email: . We will be blessed to work with your organization and financially renumerate your organization for usage of the facility to host our classes.

Join us for our NEW DMMB 301 MINISTRY BUILDERS COURSE: The Mantle of God

Do you want to learn to walk in the confidence of the mantle or call of God on your life. Drs. Adam and Candice Smithyman will be hosting a FREE LIVE WEBSTREAMING  beginning Monday, January 24, 2011 at 10:00 am EST until 12:00pm EST.

If you are interested in being certified in this course or taking this for spiritual growth you may AUDIT the course at NO CHARGE. If you would like to teach and train this material and become Credentialed as a DM Mentor Coach Trainer who can credential in Ministry Builders Course then there are Tuition and Materials Fees for the course.

The format of the course is 45 minutes of teaching by Drs. Adam and Candice followed by a personal coaching call that will give you 45-60 of educational and mentor train hours of voice-to-voice training following the teaching.

If you are unable to view the course via WEBSTREAMING we will offer the class to Preferred Partners with Dream Mentors through VIDEO PLAYBACK for your certificate in this course.

For early registration please contact us at or call us at 904-272-2266. You do not want to miss this opportunity to learn and grow in your calling and purpose of God.