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Soul Transformation: Your Personal Journey

Paperback $19.95 or KINDLE E-book $3.99

This book is part of our DM 101 curriculum. You may order this on our DM 101 page also.

Have you ever wondered if God had a special plan for your life? Do you need strategies for living to help you overcome in all of the challenging areas in your life? If you answered yes to these questions, then Soul Transformation: Your Personal Journey can help you. Drs. Adam and Candice Smithyman provide the tools that will help you overcome pitfalls in your life when you learn how to walk in Christ’s righteousness and the power of the Holy Spirit.



His Sufficiency for My Authenticity: 8 Keys to Authentic Relationship with God and Others

Paperback: Tate Publishing $10.95 or Amazon $10.95

Do you desire to be more honest and open with God and others? Would you like to be able to walk in the power of Christ by experiencing freedom from your masks and facades? Author Candice Smithyman shares time-proven principles and includes Questions for Reflection that will help you process what you’ve read and encourage practical application.




Triple S Transformation Package

Includes e-book and 3 videos




Walking In His Life Manual


This book is part of our DM 201-B curriculum. You may order this on our DM 201 page also.

This is an excellent resource for learning how to have Victory in Christ over your mind. We discuss the effects of guilt, fear and pride on the mind and decision making. Also the struggles that we experience between our flesh and Spirit.



Discipline of Solitude Manual


This book is part of our DM 201-A curriculum. You may order this on our DM 201 page also.

This manual walks you through 21 days of seeking the Lord in prayer and solitude. It is in journal format with devotionals that help you learn the discipline of solitude and how to practice this discipline daily in your life. This is a great resource is you want to learn to calm your mind and focus more on the Lord.



Overcoming Fear, Anxiety & Depression Mp3 File


In this message, Dr. Candice shares keys on how to overcome these debilitating spirits that effect our mind and soul.




Pursuing Your Destiny 6 Mp3 File Set


This is an excellent set to accompany Dream Mentors 101 curriculum. It encourages you to pursue your passion, walk in the covenant commitment that you made with God for your destiny. Also we cover topics such as walking in Christ’s righteousness and pursuing God’s promises in the area of increasing your area of influence, and living a confident life. You will want to truly advance your learning by ordering this set of 6 mp3 files.


God As Your Secure Attachment Mp3 File


Learn how to find your secure attachment in your relationship with God. This teaching will help you learn to walk in deep and more abiding with relationship with God especially if you suffer from abandonment and rejection.


Law Versus Grace Mp3 File


Are you suffering from guilt and condemnation? This teaching will help you learn how to stand in the grace of God over your life and help you truly understand how God transforms us through grace and not the letter of the law.


The Leadership Mandate 7 Mp3 File Set


This is an amazing 7 mp3 file set which accompanies the DM 301 class. The teachings on leadership are highlighted by discussing such topics as the leadership mantle and mandate. You will discover the mark of a leader and what it takes to prepare for leadership.


The Force Be With You Mp3 File


There is a force within you that cannot be stopped, learn how to access this force of God and move with Him to new territories.




Just Do It Mp3 File


Are you afraid to something? Do you need motivation to keep going? Listen to Just Do It and you will be ready to move forward.



Bring Heaven to Earth Mp3 File


How do we access heavenly promises and bring them to manifest on earth? Find out how with this mp3 file.



Prayers That Rock Heaven Mp3 File


Get an education on how to pray so that heaven moves mountains on earth.


Still Small Voice Mp3 File


God moves in still small voices learn how to step in line with Him.


Triple S Healing & Anointing Oils


For more information on our healing and anointing oils, please click here.

Welcome to the Dream Mentors bookstore. Please enjoy shopping around. Many of our items below are included in bundle packages that are associated with our DM 101, DM 201 A & B, and DM 301 curriculum.

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