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Upon completion of Dream Mentors 101 and 201 A & B, you make take our Dream Mentors 301 course on the Mantle of God. This course is 15 hours of advanced training in the mantle you carry in the Kingdom of God. The course will work you through understanding the call and preparation of being a leader.  You will be truly encouraged about what you learn in regards to the call God has on your life and the fulfillment of that call. If you choose to add  Mentor Coach Training you will then be credentialed in this course and able also to be a Ministry Affiliate. 

All Dream Mentors material is copyrighted and requires permission to be copied. Please contact us if you would like to copy.


Refund Policy: We would never want you to be unhappy.. However, we are first a ministry to God and not a business,  so we are unable to give refunds of any amount for our courses because we use the funds for our overhead expenses and we give much of our funds away as donations to other ministries and to expand the gospel through our media outreaches. If you no longer want to attend our courses or are dissatisfied for any reason please know we will issue you a tax deductible contribution report for any amount over the retail cost of the course materials because you get use of those in full when you purchase our courses, but we cannot issue you any refund for your purchase price. Thank you for understanding!


The Spiritual Growth Track is where you learn and grow on your own through our online system of videos, audios, and powerpoints. No credential is received for this course.

The DM 301 Mantle of God: SPIRITUAL GROWTH TRACK costs $185.00. This package includes 10 audios, video links, powerpoints, syllabus, and class quizzes. BONUS: the full Mantle of God Leader MP3 Set is included which has 7 Mp3 files. To access this, please click below.

You do not need any Mentor Coach Trainer for this option. No additional fees will be charged and you have full access to materials. 


The Coaching Growth Track is where you learn on your own through our online system of videos, audios, and powerpoints, in addition you have a Mentor Coach Trainer work with you one hour a week to coach train you through the material.  In this program you receive a credential from one of Ministry Affiliates. The Ministry Affiliates are your trainers in the program. Please go to the Ministry 

Affiliates page and choose your Mentor Coach Trainer. You will pay them a Mentor Training Fee to credential you.

When you graduate with them then you also have the rights to use the material and hold small groups where you can  teach our material. If you feel you want to train others you must go through all 4 of our classes and be credentialed in order to qualify as a Ministry Affiliate.

Click BELOW to buy your materials ONLY at $185.00, you can make monthly payments and still get full access,  then go to the Ministry Affiliates page and reach out to the Mentor Coach Trainer you choose for 12- 15 hours of training with them. .

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