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Soul Transformation : Your Personal Journey 

Dr. Candice also offers this in her School of the Supernatural.
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introductory course SELF STUDY ONLY COURSE that will introduce you To Dream Mentors curriculum and help bring transformation to your soul 


This is a great course for individuals and small groups that want to learn basic skills in how to understand spirit, soul and body for healing and restoration. It will also prepare you to help others who are in need of understanding who they are in Christ.


This is packed with 6 videos and goes with the book that Drs. Adam and Candice wrote called " Soul Transformation : Your Personal Journey" . You get the EBOOK FREE with Course but if you want the Paperback it is a journal to write in and great for small groups.  


FOUNDATION CLASS TO WALKING IN THE SUPERNATURAL- Be Victorious in Christ and Live the Resurrected LIfe through Understanding How God Transforms Your Soul

This FOUNDATIONAL SCHOOL OF THE SUPERNATURAL COURSE will help you learn the basics of victorious and resurrected living.

Before you can release the supernatural you must learn to be grounded in:

1. Understanding how the spirit, soul and body work together

2. How the spiritual disciplines help advance transformation

3. The strategies for daily living that will keep you living victoriously

4. How the enemy can get a stronghold in your life

5. How to SEE as JESUS saw when he understood the workings of humanity and the supernatural

In order to be prepared to walk in the supermatural this class is essential ! Get started today!

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