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What is the International Tribune of Christian Coaches?

It is a global alliance partnership between educational organizations, student graduates, and student members who desire to unite in an effort to standardize biblical life coaching nationally and internationally.

Please click on the attached ITCC link if you would like to purchase a Student Credential with the ITCC. Also, please fill out the attached applications with each and fax into our headquarters at 904-272-0330.


Individual Student Credential:

If you are a student desiring to have an ITCC credential then all that is required of you is to fill out the application,  mail in a copy of your degree from your accredited school and pay the membership fee directly to the school and we will issue your ITCC credential. The only additional requirement will be to have a passport portal page on the ITCC website for $5 per month.

The student will be responsible for paying their fee of $100 to ITCC through their educational organization portal that credentials them.

Your credential will then be mailed to you from our headquarters and you will be able to share in member benefits such as:

All individual memberships whether ITCC credential or ITCC membership certificate will include the benefits of:

ITCC membership credential or ITCC membership certificate

Ability to earn referral rewards for referring others to the ITCC or ITCC accredited courses and organizations

1 year free passport to ITCC portal website ($60 value)

Special discounts on training materials

Special educational downloads from ITCC leadership

Special discounts on classes taken through the ITCC University


Yearly Requirements for Credentialed Students

Each student that graduates from an ITCC credentialed school can continue to become a member each year at the reduced rate of $100 per year. This will keep their credential current as a member of ITCC and will enable them to participate in member functions and programs, receive newsletters and benefits. They may purchase their yearly membership fee directly through their own portal and receive the referral reward for their yearly purchase.


Continuing Education Credits – CEC

If the student desires to keep their ITCC credential current they will be required to complete 6 hours of continuing education credits with any educational institution on the portal. When they renew their application each year they will need to show they have completed at least 6 hours of continuing education training with any credentialed ITCC school. They will not be required to take credentialing classes but can take any course anywhere on the portal and show proof of this education.

This continuing education requirement is not necessary for ITCC membership certificate renewal only for ITCC credential renewal.

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