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Are you a ministry leader or desiring to grow in the five fold ministry gifts of apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher, or evangelist? Are you in need of mentoring that will help take your ministry to the next levels?

Dr. Candice is an apostolic and prophetic leader that can encourage and challenge you in growth for your ministry or your church.

She trains leaders all over the world through her School of Supernatural or Dream Mentors  Transformational Life Coaching School. For more information on the School of Supernatural click here or Dream Mentors Transformational Life Coaching School click here.

Join us for Online courses in revealing the glory, prophetic training, participation with angels in end times, heavenly portals and entering the prosperous realms, among other supernatural topics.

Please click here and someone will reach out to you with the details of how you can move forward in your destiny!

Private mentoring or counseling                with Dr. Candice

Dr. Candice loves to mentor and counsel those who are in need.  Due to  her schedule spaces is limited. Please click below if you would like a session and if she is available we will let you know. Otherwise we will recommend one of the other coaches or counselors in our Dream Mentors Affiliate  Program that can be of assistance. Thank you for your patience. Please know it is Dr. Candice's desire to mentor or counsel each person who reaches out to her. You are very special to her!  Please click here to contact us.  
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