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It is a 3 part process of faith that enables a person to reach for the reality of heaven that God places before them in their soul. Triple ‘S’ is an acronym for SEE it-SOUL it-SOW it.


It is a principle that can be applied in many areas of our lives. God calls us to SEE the reality of what He has prepared for us and then to meditate on what we have SEEN by applying scripture. The Word of the Lord is our guide. It is through an activation of our FAITH that we begin to allow God to impart to us the reality of what we SEE.


Triple ‘S’ Transformation is a tool God can use anywhere with anyone. If you would like to know more about Triple ‘S’ Transformation and how you can bring this unique type of ministry into your sphere of influence or business, you are welcome to download our resources for $35 by clicking the button below.




You will receive and automatic download upon purchase. If you would like to speak with us further or invite us to your ministry or business for training in Triple ‘S’ Transformation please contact us by clicking here.

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