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These coaches have either completed one or all main Dream Mentors courses with a credentialed coach or have been personally mentored or connected to Dr .Candice . if you see a star                  UNDER their ministry name they are able to credential you in at least the Dm 101 Basic Biblical life Coaching Course if not more. 

Would you like to be a partner coach with Dr. Candice? 
Read  below about our coach and ministry affiliations and then email us at to let us know you are interested ! 

We have TWO different ministry affiliations with Candice Smithyman Ministries
and Dream Mentors!
1. Ministry Affiliate Coaches and Credentialers
2. Ministry Affiliate Partners and Schools

The Ministry Affiliate Coaches and Credentialers  who credential our students are partnerships we have with schools, ministries, and individual coaches who have completed the Dream Mentors requirements in one of these ways. They are coaches or schools with a          star symbol. 


1. Have completed all four Dream Mentors coaching courses 101, 201A, 201 B and 301

2. Have completed only  ONE single courses like 101, 201A, 201B or 301.

3. These coaches are  in good standing with our ministry and would like to personally coach you or train you to be a coach.


They will walk you through the program and issue you their credential for completion of their requirements as you are a student of their school or ministry. 


Again, all those participating as affiliate schools or ministries are aware of Dream Mentors requirements however each affiliate has the right to adjust the program for credentialing as they see fit for the purposes of their school or ministry.  


All affiliates have the right to choose what prices they charge for their school, ministry, or coaching program. Dream Mentors does not receive these funds. We are only the publishing house for the materials. 


Once you purchase the Dream Mentors materials and complete the self study of those materials, you will receive at the end of material completion an electronic Certificate of Completion of the Self Study/Spiritual Growth part of the course. This is evidence you used Dream Mentors materials for your learning. This comes to you in the Teachable back office.


The Ministry Affilate is responsible for issuing your credential for the Mentor Coach Training hours you have been charged for by that ministry. The Ministry Affiliate is the credentialing ministry and is the one issuing you the credential that you are qualified to coach others. If you are not satisfied with your trainer for any reason please work with them as Dream Mentors is not responsible for their training only administering the curriculum to them. 













Ministry & School affilate Partners

Ministry  Affiliate Partners consist of those who partner  with the ministry and are also affiliates in that they help us the share the blessing of Dr. Candice's School of the Supernatural and  Dream Mentors Transformational Life Coaching School with others ! If you would like to become a Ministry  Affiliate Partner  with us there are two levels. .

Those ministries, organizations or individuals who have not completed any of the classes above but would like to affiliate with us and earn income on all of our courses in Dr. Candice's School of the Supernatural and Dream Mentors Transformational Life Coaching School.

If you are interested in either of these options please reach out to us by clicking here. 

Your picture will also be included on our Ministry Affiliate Page so others can reach out to you as a courtesy for sharing Dream Mentors. 

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