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At Dream Mentors we believe that God desires to see every person on the planet connected with a biblical life coach or mentor. God is calling men and women to become trained in biblical life coaching and transformational life coaching, so He can send them forth to assist Him in catapulting others into their purpose and destiny. We have established our education and training with a unique curriculum that will encourage spiritual growth and personal challenges, so that when you graduate with your credential and you begin your coaching career you will be able to say you know how to BE a Coach, not just DO Coaching. We encourage internal transformation through our studies so you are well prepared for leadership and an excellent coaching career.


Upon graduation from Dream Mentors with your credential we will help you advance your career by providing you with additional education and opportunities to start your own Coaching Ministry or Satellite Training School with Dream Mentors in which we financially bless you for your services.

Our courses will teach and train you in 12 Key Competencies recognized by the International Tribune of Christian Coaches as necessary for all biblical life coaches to know and practice. We also teach you how to maintain a deep connection to Christ through the practice of the spiritual disciplines as you learn to step out into ministry and face the challenges and rewards of helping others. Our vision is to help you succeed in this calling of being a biblical life coach.


If you are interested in teaching and training in Christian Biblical Life Coaching, we invite you download our resources to either grow spiritually at your own pace or to be credentialed in Associate Biblical Life Coaching through our DMBL 101 Basic Biblical Life Coaching Course, our DMAT 201 Advanced Transformational 2 Part Course, or our DMBL 301 Mantle of God Course.


If you desire to be credentialed and to use your skills to teach and train others then upon completion of taking this course, you will receive a Credential in Biblical Life Coaching which will give you 15 voice-to-voice hours necessary with our personal Dream Mentors trainers and enable you to be credentialed and teach Dream Mentors 101, 201 A and B or 301  to others.


We look forward to credentialing you in biblical life coaching and moving you forward in God’s plan and purpose for your life.

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